The Use Of Mass Consumerism That Movies Cause Essays

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The film industry has degraded man into believing that in order to be cool/masculine you must act like a thug, businessmen, and be wealthy.. In other words, you must copy what you see in the movies in order to be called a “man”. Which can mean anything from selling drugs, fighting, sleeping with random girls, bodybuilding, joining a gang etc. This stupidity has caused an increase in violent crimes, increase in prison incarcerations?, increase in high school dropouts, and caused so much pain and suffering towards man I will be addressing Adorno and Horkheimer comment on the negative effect of mass consumerism that movies cause. I will also discuss Sullivan fandom by indicating the Imation and messages the audience takes form these films. In the movie Blood in, Blood out the protagonist Miklo was a young innocent, gullible Latino male who looked up to his cousin Paco. Just like all Hispanic males were? wanted to feel loved, accepted by his peers. So to do this he joined a gang known as Vatos Locos, without ever considering the consequences. One day his cousin Cruz was jumped and paralyzed by a rival gang. This caused Miklo and his gang to retaliate. During the process, Milko killed Spider the man who hurt his cousin. In the process Miklo was shot and his cousin Paco rushed to take him to the hospital. Thus causing Paco speed and which caught the police officer 's attention. Miklo was arrested and his cousin Paco was sent to the Marines as an alternative.…

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