The Use Of Madness In Hamlet By William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Madness is a certain kind of illness that you can’t control your emotions. William shakespeare’s play Hamlet shows how Hamlet’s madness is a big part of the play and how it was shown in the whole play. People speak more openly and freely and say whatever they’re thinking when they believe they are around people who are made. Hamlet tells Horatio that he is pretending to be mad because he needs someone to confide. We know Hamlet is pretending to be mad because he tells Horatio he is going to put on an act so he can gather information to see who killed his father. I 'm going to show his use of madness as part of his revenge plot, then the proof before he acts. Hamlet’s right time to act is crucial to his plot as he figures out each of the …show more content…
Once Hamlet heard the confession from Claudius, Hamlet was going to kill him right then behind Claudius’s back, but all of a sudden Claudius starts to pray for forgiveness. So Hamlet decides not to kill Claudius at that time, it wouldn 't honour King Hamlet 's death, because if Hamlet killed Claudius while he was praying, Claudius would go to heaven and Hamlet doesn 't want that to happen because he wants him to suffer for killing his …show more content…
Hamlet figures out everyone 's plot of what they’re going to do with him, which shows that Hamlet is a genius.

“ ‘What should we say, my lord?’ Said Guildenstern

Why any thing but to the purpose. You were

Sent for, and there is a kind of confession in your

Looks which modesties have not craft enough to

Colour. I know the good King and Queen have sent for

You.” said Hamlet

This shows that he figures out that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were hired by Claudius to keep a close tab on him, to try and get information on him and see if he has gone mad or if it is something else. Later on Claudius told Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take Hamlet to England for death, because he was starting to feel threatened by Hamlet. Hamlet told Horatio that he was being sent off and said to switch the letters. But on the way to England, Hamlet was able to make a deal with pirates and got to escape, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern became prisoners with the pirates, then sent of to die. Horatio said

“ They have dealt with me like thieves of mercy.”

“I am to do a good turn for them.”

“ Rosencrantz and Guildenstern hold their course for

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