The Use Of Fracking And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Due to the recent law approving hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” in the state of Maryland which does not only cause harm to the eveironment but, the people who live in the area. I am writing this letter to inform you on the danger of interfering with nature and its effects on the environment. As, the green movement becomes more popular I would also like to porpose some changes that can be implamented in Maryland that may help in decreasing the effect of carbon copy and improving the environment degradation situation of the world. According to the current environmental changes occurring across the globe, there may be certain changes if incorporated in the regulations for industrial and domestic production, along with the changes in the life style of people may help in improving the environment degradation situation of the world. The porpose changes are as followed:
• Sustainable production and growth patterns must be incorporated in the societies such as; green revolution; less usage plastic made products, avoiding of plastic bags, less omission of carbon-monoxide and related intoxications in the environment and ecological system.
• Solar powered systems and units must be analyzed so as to reduce the electricity wastage.
• Reduction in the usage of split units and other environmental degrading technologies; this means that the life style of the people should change their way of living.
• Industrialization should be converted to eco-friendly mode.
During my research…

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