The Use Of Agent Orange, A Deadly Dioxin, During The Vietnam War

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Section A: Plan of Investigation

This investigation will assess if it was necessary for the United State to use Agent Orange, a deadly dioxin, during the Vietnam War. In order to examine the the reasons why the United States sued Agent Orange, sources such as internet articles as well as documentaries and texts to verify informations used during the investigation. The internet articles that will be use in this investigation are:
"The Effects of Agent Orange and Its Consequences."
"4 Decades after War Ended, Agent Orange Still Ravaging Vietnamese."
"The 40-year War: Agent Orange Casualties Keep Mounting."
"Vietnam Veterans Speak on Effects of Agent Orange."
"The Orphans of Agent Orange: Fifty Years On, Children Suffer from the Horrific Effects of America’s Use of Chemical Weapons during the Vietnam War." "Agent Orange’s Health Effects Continued Long after the Vietnam War’s End."
"The Toxic Effects of Agent Orange Persist 51 Years After the Vietnam War."

Section B: Summary of Evidence

Why it was use:
“... Agent orange, spraying over Vietnam... The “Ranch Hand Operation” aims at raising tropical forest to the ground, as well as poisoning crops, population and fighters. “(Bouny,1)
“Agent Orange was a powerful defoliant that the U.S. military used to destroy Vietnamese jungles and deny ground cover to enemy forces.”(Lefler,1)
“The program 's goal was to destroy forested and rural land - depriving guerrilla fighters of cover while cutting off their food…

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