Essay on The Unprocessed Life

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Christy Carden January 27,2014
The Unprocessed Life

A source of much debate over the past few decades has been the question of how much of a populations chronic disease occurrence is related to the consumption of processed foods. Both genders, all ethnicities and all ages are affected by this topic. Business is at the heart of many of the studies, unfortunately, so finding unbiased scientific information can be challenging. Even with the vast improvements in technology, processed foods and the effects of it on human health remains a strongly debated topic. For the reader who wants to make the most informed
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Eventually they began to propagate them. Fish and fresh lean meats were hunted until the population became too thin for hunter-gatherers to remain in the area, so they moved the entire village to the more resourceful location. Finally, preservation and drying discoveries for food, allowed ancient people to make more permanent homes. This lead to one of several major shifts that have occurred in humanity’s nutritional history, first of which is the adoption of carbohydrate-rich diets developed around 10,000 BC due to Neolithic farming (Wells 197). Dr. Doug Lisle, in a recent documentary provides a historical view to our society’s current condition. He describes how our evolutionary instincts actually compel us as humans to seek the most energy output from food sources that require the lowest exertion of energy. So our instinct is to take in rich high calorie low nutrition foods because their excessive richness tricks humans into believing they are full of nutrition (Forks over Knives). Another view on the historical dietary habits of humans is given by Antii Sanjatilla in his book on “Major Historical Dietary Changes Reflected in the Dental Microbiome.” Using years of scientific methods, he shows how the appearance of the very bacteria linked to much of today’s cardiovascular disease was due to a dietary changes. This Carden3 data even goes

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