The Unnatural Nature Of Science Essay

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Science is a field of study to which we hear endless talk of. From news headlines to magazine covers, it has become an incremental part of society. In Lewis Wolpert’s book, The Unnatural Nature of Science, he attempts to shed light on key aspects of science. These include science’s fundamental characteristics, as well as how science differs from other studies such as art, technology, philosophy, and religion. He invokes thought into questions such as how scientists agree or disagree with Kuhn’s ideas about science as well as if the concept of intelligent design is a scientific theory, or merely religious philosophy. What is science? Science is a type of critical thinking undergone by people in order to explain nature in the simplest way possible. It pursues a simple explanation of observable phenomena that leaves little to no room for ambiguity. This lack of emptiness in a scientific argument makes it easy to understand and utilize for another individual. Furthermore, within these scientific claims lies the burden of proof upon the individual articulating the statement. Said person must be able to prove his or her claim to be true for it to be considered an acceptable theory. This testing is undergone with two methods known as confirmation and falsification. Confirmation is providing an observable conclusion which coincides with your theory’s claim; whereas falsification is the opposite, providing evidence which contradicts the claim, proving it false. For…

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