The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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Manishas Quest for Dignity and Purpose was full of strife and struggle for both her and her family. Not only was her family effected though, the entire community of Bhutanese refugees were effected this experience. Every person in the world is deserves to have their Basic Human Rights. The Universal Declaration of Human rights says there is five core notions of human rights. A lot of the time in Manishas story these core rights were not present for the refugees but not all rights were completely taken. In fact at times the rights were even respected. The first of these rights was Human Dignity. In Manishas Story her right of human dignity was violated when the government began viewing families unequally. “Within a family, different family members could be classified in different ways based on ethnicity” (Koerin and Hutchison, 2013) every person as the right to be viewed as an equal to their counterparts especially to their family. The second core right violated was the Nondiscrimination core value. Manisha recalls, “ the Bhutanese government began to discriminate against the Nepali ethnic group to which she belongs” (Koerin and Hutchison, 2013). With the start of this discrimination other core rights began to be violated. Civil and Political rights were violated when the Druk Buddhist majority wanted to “unite Bhutan under the Druk culture, religion and language” (Koerin and Hutchison, 2013). The Nepalis were resistant to this change because they had already…

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