The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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The twentieth century is when the past notions of human rights developed fully into a researched document argued and defined by world thinkers as the Universal Declaration of human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human rights was not developed out of nothing, it was heralded by idealistic people who saw the world of the early twentieth century, and wanted to define the rights that should be universal to the world. The rights that they wrote had already existed in a multitude of world governments constitutions or laws; the United Nations coalition only defined them in a universal sense. The world in the early twentieth century was an exciting time because it is when the world was becoming more connected than ever before. This was the period when the idea of internationalism and the relations between countries needed to be defined. There was also tension between countries as well, with the aggression of World War 1 mitigating the need for defining rights. Furthermore, there was the question of empires by the lack of solidarity of colonies, which caused tension among states. World War 1 opened Pandora’s Box about the grievances among a majority of individuals across the world about rights that should be held universally. Many nations placed high hopes on the League of Nations, only to be disappointed by the reality of the power moves by the world governments, and disregard of smaller states. The council that wrote the Universal Declaration of human rights noticed all of…

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