The United States Essay examples

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While in the process of colonizing America, servants signed contracts, or indentures, to gain an entry into America. Although it may have seemed like a good deal, they were unaware of the danger and turmoil that was going to occur. The travel across the Atlantic has been described as torturous, and many of the servants who agreed to come did not get to live to see the New World. For those who survived the journey, it seemed as though there was disease and death surrounding them everywhere they went. There were many different ships which took people to the New World, and the settlers formed a total of three colonies. Those who rode on the Mayflower signed a Mayflower Compact, which simply required those who signed to accept whatever form of government was established after landing in America, in the New England colony. This helped to establish various roles of settlement that were to occur in America. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut also helped to establish that in the towns of Wethersfield, Windsor, and Hartford. On the ship Arbella, on the way to the New England colony, a man by the name of John Winthrop gave a sermon to the passengers, where he explained why charity was important, especially as Christians, and how it would cause unity with one another. Richard Hakluyt was also a strong Christian, as he believed that it was their job to convert the Native Americans to Christianity, as described in his discourse of western planting. Although they were planning on…

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