Essay about The United States ' Surge Of Imperialism

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The United States had progressively become more and more involved with foreign affairs in the 1860s-1920s. The United States ' influence had grown, just as much as the nation 's industrial power had grown during those years. Due to the United States growing imperialism "American 's were increasingly aware of themselves as an emerging world power." The United States ' surge of imperialism was aided by its drastic increase in military strength, and massive industrial and agriculture production. America began to get involved in foreign affairs because the nation started to feel as if it has a sense of duty to police and look over the world in a self righteous manner. Through the United States consistent involvement in international affairs the U.S has expanded its territory and has augmented its economy just as well; meanwhile becoming a notable world power during the time periods of the Spanish American War and World War I. The start of the Spanish American War occurred when America got involved with Cuba. Journalists were publishing articles that had no valid research behind them, but had eye catching headlines and news otherwise known as "yellow press." Yellow press often over exaggerated or stretched the truth about the news, and often swayed the public opinion. Yellow Press in the late 1890s talked about Cuba 's struggles for independence from Spain, and described the suffering of the Cuban people in detention camps and the brutality of the Spanish government.…

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