Essay on The United States Postal Service

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The United States Postal Service, formed in Philadelphia in 1775, is responsible for the transportation and delivery of the postal services to the American citizens. Its formation led to the appointment of Benjamin Franklin as the first General Postmaster of the USPS. Since its formation, the postal service has operated with the aim of satisfying the customers and uniting them despite the difference in their locality. This has been made possible thanks to technology that was engrained into its operations. The company started by distributing mails by horseback and stagecoach and later used the steam engine to deliver mails. They also introduced stamps and charged according to the weight and distance of the delivery locale. Hence, a 5-cent stamp was only capable of mail delivery to areas less than 300 miles and would weigh 1ounce or less, a 10 cent stamp was also used but for longer distances and heavier parcel. USPS has not received any taxpayer funds since 1980. As of 2015, the USPS employs a total of 631,113 workers and has over 31,606 Postal Service-managed retail offices (
The company has recently updated and reorganized its operation and way of governance. Now, it follows the management by geographic structure system, whereby the agency has divided its operation into seven regions with each region reporting to the chief operation officer (IBP USA. (2014). The Agency has eleven board members and nine governors appointed by the President after…

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