Essay about The United States Political Participation

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In the United States political participation such as voting, protesting and staying informed are highly praised and thought to be the most patriotic and sometimes even sacred thing a citizen can do. After all, the government is meant to be ran by the people so it is best to stay involved. If this is the popular belief in American society, why is it that not as many people participate in the government anymore and why are even those number declining? The fact is that a good portion of the country’s eligible voters have taken an apathetic view when it comes to their government and do not find it worth the effort, time and sometimes even money are just not worth the seemingly small benefits that are up for grabs any more. This means a decrease in voting, petition signing, letter writing, organization participation and even the keeping up with government activity is down. In the end, the biggest contributing factor to this apathy is the fact that participating in government activities as citizens just does not appeal to people’s self interest. They way benefits and costs work when it comes to political participation is that anyone who actively participates in anything be it voting, protesting, or petitioning, has some form of cost they got to pay. This cost can come in the form time and energy spent on these activities that could have been put towards more enjoyable hobbies or even maybe even giving up some money for a cause of sorts. Bottom line is that in order to…

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