The United States Of The American Revolution Essay

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Women, jailed, heckled and abused, all in their fight for suffrage. A new country developed in the aftermath of the American Revolution, the United States of America. The new country, freed from a tyrannical ruler, boosted freedom for all, however, that statement did not ring true for many. The United States of America, the first nation with a President, allowed people to vote for their ruler. Voting, a practice rarely seen since the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome was a benefit of living in the United States of America, nevertheless, while the Declaration of Independence proclaimed all men equal, Constitutional laws did not. White men, over the age of twenty-one, Protestant, and with property, were the only ones who enjoyed voting rights. This remained the case until the mid-ninetieth century. By 1856, all white men could vote regardless of property holdings. In 1870, African Americans earned the right to vote with the ratification of the fifteenth amendment. It was not until 1920, with the passage of the nineteenth amendment that women earned the right to vote. Women fought indefatigably for that right, but once they earned it, some realized it was not enough. Feminists claimed that they did not only want the right to vote, they wanted equal treatment. They started pushing for an Equal Rights Amendment, one that would amend the Constitution and declare equality for all. Other, more conservative women felt that the Equal Rights Amendment would end badly for…

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