The United States Of America Essay

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The United States of America has become a place where millions can come together under one government, under one common ideology of democracy, justice, liberty, fairness, material prosperity, and equality. Its a place where the freedom that Americans cherish is not an absolute, unhindered freedom that an anarchist would wish for, rather it 's a freedom protected within the boundaries of law. America is the leading destinations for immigrants with approximately one million immigrants each year. A majority of these immigrants come to America for one common reason, the American dream. They come because they want to escape poverty, persecution, and war. Drawn by the shimmering promises that America offers, immigrants have been coming since the beginning, for a better life, for their own survival.
Immigrants are individuals who brave thousands of miles seeking economic prosperity, stability, a home, a start and a new future. They leave behind their dissatisfactions and aim towards a new destination in hopes of finding more suitable living conditions, where they can live as they see fit, worship as they please, and work hard to make their dreams reality just like those before them. These individuals come seeking freedom from megalomaniac tyrants, unfavorable living conditions, or lack of opportunities to excel. It’s due to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the nationwide consent from the citizens to follow the laws set in place by them…

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