Essay about The United States Of America

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In our lives, everyone wants to live a happy life, so they do many things to achieve their goal – prefer life. There are many ways that people try to do with success. Many people work very hard in their country to reach their targets, but other people go to other nations to find a better chance. The United States of America is one of the most developed countries in the world about education, information technology, and especially economy; therefore, many people are attracted by those advantages, so they try to come to the United States of America in many ways. They apply their documents and wait for the interview to entry the United States of America legally, but others do not do that. They cross the border and entry the United States America illegally, so they suffer many disadvantages and injustice. In “Outlaw,” Jose Antonio Vargas argues about the illegal immigrants’ tough life and the struggle of them when they come to the United States of America. They provide benefits not only for the United States of America economy but also for cultural diversity. Therefore, the United States of America will have a better economy because the secondary sector is filled by illegal immigrants, and they not only pay the taxes but they also help the human resource of the United States America. Immigration reform is a hot issue that the government is considering.
Firstly, the illegal immigrants will help the United States of America because most of them work in the secondary sector.…

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