The United States Of America Vs Japan Essay

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The United States of America vs Japan The United States of America and Japan tend to be unlike each other in numerous ways. For starters the United States of America, formerly known as America, is located in North America between Mexico and Canada and made up of fifty states. America is mainly known for its Western culture. Japan is island in Asia near South Korea; Japan in also known mainly for its interesting culture, but also wonderful food, marvelous entertainment, and beautiful cities. Japan is a stunning country full of culture, however it does not compare to America. Opposite of Japan, America is full of opportunities and a blend of different races, religions, and cultures; why America is called a “melting pot” which is a country that offers a large variety of cultures and races that mingle and blend together as one whereas Japan stays the same everywhere. Those who plan on moving to either America or Japan need to know that America is significantly better than Japan for multiple reasons.
When it comes to gender equality America is far advanced compared to Japan. To begin gender equality is highly crucial and relevant all over the world; gender equality is when opportunities are unaffected by gender likewise men and women are equal in every aspect. Gender equality in Japan remains a huge problem: “ Japan has one of the worst levels of gender equality in the developed world, coming in 104th out of 142 assessed countries in 2014” (Kyodo, Jiji, and Bloomberg). Their…

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