Essay about The United States Of America And India

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An unknown writer once said, “Race is not just an ascribed-at-birth, fixed characteristic, instead it implies a set of gendered expectations for behavior against which people are continually judged.” At first glance, the United States of America and India do not seem to have many similarities, however after researching them further it became very clear that they are more alike than they are different. They share, what I feel, is one of the biggest restraints on societal growth, forms of social stratification. Social stratification is the division or categorization of people based on their socioeconomic strata, occupation, income, wealth or derived power and may even be identified as social structure. Social restraints are inevitable.
As mentioned earlier, the USA and India are very similar, especially in the instance that they are both democratic countries with ethnically diverse societies. The most appropriate approach to successfully explain the theory that social restraints are inevitable, I will be using the most similar approach. The most similar approach is used when two cases or subjects have extremely similar independent variables but differ when it comes to the dependent variable(s). In this case, the independent variable will be their democratic governments and the diverse societies. The dependent variables will be the social classes and race.
India 's system of social stratification, referred to as the caste system, has many different origin theories. These…

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