The United States Government Really Happened During The Great Depression

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The big change in the United States government really happened during the Great Depression when the New Deal was introduced by Franklin Roosevelt. After World War 2 the Federal Government stayed with New Deal ideas and kept expanding its size, with social programs and military power. Democrats felt as the government could be used for good and that social programs such as welfare, were the government’s job. Republicans felt as though it wasn’t the government’s job to provide social programs for the population, and a big government is dangerous to the people’s rights. During the depression, people were desperate for help, but as America’s prosperity grew people needed less of the Government. People started to not trust the Government as much, and a strong counter culture grew and as the government grew exponentially, peoples trust in it grew smaller. Lyndon B. Johnson really expanded government with his social programs, collectively they were known as the Great Society. To help the elderly Medicare and Medicate were created, these provided Health services for the elderly. He also poured funds into education and urban development programs, such as the Departments of Transportation, of Housing, and Urban Development. Lyndon B. Johnson was a Democrat and followed the party platform that the Government should be used for good and expanded the Federal Government’s power. The main goal of the Great Society programs though was to end poverty, called the War on Poverty, Johnson…

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