The United States Government And The Soviet Union Essay

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This historical study will define the mutually antagonistic foreign policies of the United States government and the Soviet Union that caused the Cuban Missile Crisis in October, 1962. The issue of nuclear missile weaponry was major factor that created political and strategic conflict between the Soviet Union and the American government. Initially, Khrushchev had illegally demanded that the United States give the Soviet Union West Berlin as part of a deal on the partitioning of Germany through the Warsaw Pact. The United States refused to turn over West Berlin to the Soviet’s, which caused Khrushchev to form a new strategy involving the movement of nuclear missiles to Cuba to create a bargaining chip to force the Americans to give over West Berlin. More so, the Kennedy Administration had illegally used former Cuban exiles as an invasion force in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April, 1961. These hostile actions of the Soviet Union in West Berlin and in aggressive militarism of American subversion in Communist Cuba formed the foundation of the Cuban Missile Crisis. During this time, Kennedy was forced to resolve due to the underhanded subversive activity that U.S. utilized during the early part of the Cold War. Khrushchev was proactively using the Cuban Missile’s as a bargaining chip to force the Americans to honor the post-WWII boundaries that were being violated by NATO and the American government. In essence, the Cuban Missile Crisis was the result of mutually…

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