Essay On The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Cold War, a war between the Soviet Union and the United States, was aimed towards preventing the others influence towards mankind. To begin with, the relationship with the Soviet Union and the United States didn’t go so well. They both were super powers of the world and aimed to increase its worldwide influences. Between the years 1945 and 1950, the two competitors broke out into war. Both sides were fighting for what they believed in thus resulting into this major conflict. Not only were these two nations apart of it, the members of NATO and Warsaw Pact joined in to help their allies. Due to the Soviet Union and its allies’ belief, provocation, and the Cuban missile crisis, they were most likely to be responsible for starting the Cold …show more content…
“… We have unmistakable evidence that a series of offensive missile sites is now being built on that island … Cuba has been made into an important strategic base by the presence of these long-range offensive weapons of sudden mass destruction. This is an open threat to the peace and security of the Americas.” (Document 8) The placing of the missiles created a threat of nuclear war thus making the US fear the possibilities that the Soviet Union would actually fire as they created an open threat to the peace and security of Americans. After Kennedy ordered a blockade, the Premier of Soviet Union, Khrushchev responded to Kennedy’s message. He stated, “Mr. President, the Soviet government decided to help Cuba with means of defense against outside attack. These weapons were only meant for defensive purposes… You said then that Cuba will not be attacked or invaded by any country of the Western Hemisphere … We have given the order to discontinue building the installations. We shall dismantle them and withdraw them to the Soviet Union.” (Document 10) Here, Khrushchev explains that the missiles were placed for defensive purposes and so he decides to remove them because Kennedy stated that other countries will not attack or invade Cuba. Although this is the case, the missiles are returning back to the Soviet Union still giving them a chance to fire at anyone especially since the amount of nuclear weapons they have created

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