The United States Education Policy Essay

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Chapter 7- This chapter refers to the United States education policy; our policy is prepare students to fit into culture of multinational corporations. Some economists believe that schools are changing our children cultures in results of increase the possibilities of economic success. The 2001, No Child Left Behind Act and the 2008 Race to the Top was created to end multicultural education. No Child Left Behind Act which tied federal school funds to implementation of a standardized curriculum (page 142). Race to the Top, provided financial relief to schools during the 2008 recession. The funding included the development of a national standardized curriculum (page 142). The common core state standards came about in 2008; the goal was to provide students with the skills needed to compete in a global labor force meaning prepare students for the work world. Schools still deal with the problem of segregated but not with race but with the economic; numbers increased due to the fact of standardized curriculum and testing. School officials only worried about improved test score not the inequalities that was going on. The new version of the 19th century policy of separate but equal: economically and racially segregated schools with equal curricula (page 142). Jonathan Kozol wrote books like the “Death at an Early Age,” describing schools segregation. Kozol didn’t like the new way schools were operating; for example the scripted lessons the students were learning, mandated assessment,…

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