The United States During The Reconstruction Of The South Essay

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After the reconstruction of the south, the United States began to industrialize in the east many people left their jobs to work in factories. Wealthy businessmen built factories to meet the demands for building materials in developing cities; In order to make money economically, these businessmen gave their workers fair wages, but after some time workers experienced the downsides of working factories. Every working person in the United States had different opportunites to earn money, instead of moving into the city families had the opportunity to move west and begin farming in Indian territory. Once factory workers striked during economic downturn, factory owners weren 't achieving their goals. Middle-class americans began recognizing corruption within our government and in the economy, so they brought populism into our society. In my opinion, populisim had the most effect on the industrialized United States. During the late 1800 's and early 1900 's, the United States changed from an agricultural country to an industrial country, improvements in both farming and factory equipment allowed economic growth to occur, businessmen began to control society, and that led to progressivism.

Many corporate titans like Andrew Carnegie sought out to make fortunes as businesses began to experience economic growth. Carnegie applied vertical integration taking control of all the steel-making process while still forcing employees to work long hours at low wages. A large amount of…

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