The United States Ascended As One Of The Most Powerful And Influential Nations

1862 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
The United States ascended as one of the most powerful and influential nations in our world despite being established only less than three hundred years ago. Starting with the thirteen colonies, it gradually grew under the principle of settler colonialism expanding from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Lauded for its rapid growth and massive influence in both the western and eastern hemisphere, it can be recognized that the ascension of the United States can be mainly attributed to the ongoing process of settler colonialism that gave way to chattel slavery, the foundation of the plantation economy during the early years of the nation’s existence. The United States became what it is today not only because of the hard work of the “white” Americans, but also thanks to the pain, hardship, and sacrifices that the African “black” slaves and other “colored” races such as the Indigenous people, Mexicans and Asians went through. The interconnected structures of settler colonialism and chattel slavery promoted and justified white supremacy and inferiority of the “colored race” and, as a consequence, inequality in working and living conditions, and the prejudiced treatment as a person of a specific racial group still persist in the modern times, further intensified by globalization that connected United States to the whole world. To fully understand the process that brought the United States into existence, settler colonialism must be explained. Settler colonialism is an ongoing process…

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