Essay The United States Army War Students At The U.s. Army

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Faculty and students at the U.S. Army War College stated in 2003that toxic leaders are focused on visible short-term missions and accomplishments. They provide superiors with impressive, articulate presentations and enthusiastic responses to the mission, but they are unconcerned about, or oblivious to, staff or troop morale and/or climate. Toxic leaders are seen as arrogant, self-serving, inflexible, and petty (Ulmer, 2012). Ulmer proposed a definition of a toxic leader as “individuals whose behavior appears driven by self-centered careerism at the expense of their subordinates and unit, and whose style is characterized by abusive and dictatorial behavior that promotes an unhealthy organizational climate”.
George is the chief of business operations for Spirit, Benefit, and Leisure (names changed), a position which gives him oversight of five facilities. I hired on as a waiter the same day as the new facility manager, David. Within two weeks of my hiring, I had been promoted to the operations assistant for the facility. This new position meant that I began working closely with David and George on all the daily operations of the facility. George and David gave me a rundown of my responsibilities with the new position. I would start closing the club, as an “assistant manager,” when we had events in the evenings, as well as handling all the daily operations of the club. This was when true colors were shown as David spent his days sitting in his office listening to…

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