The United States And The Soviet Union Essay examples

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While the United States and the Soviet Union were already in Korea, the United Nations should not have let them attempt to create the government there. The United States and the Soviet Union may have agreed to peacefully set up the government, however the United Nations should have been able to sense that there would still be problems. The United States and the Soviet Union have clashing ideologies and governments. The Soviet Union has a communist government and the United States has a democracy. How can you expect countries with such different governments to find a middle ground and establish a government for another country? The United Nations could have prevented the entire Korean War if they hadn 't let the Soviet Union and the United States try and work together. There were already tensions between the two countries due to the cold war, and the fighting in Korea could have easily escalated into World War Three. At the end of the the second World War, the countries that made up the Allies were given the power to help develop several countries in Europe and Asia. The USSR made their territories communist, while everyone else set up democratic and capitalist societies. This created a lot of tension between the Soviet Union and the democratic nations. Relationships became even more tense when the Soviet Union developed their own nuclear and atomic weapons, which happened in 1949. This means that both the USSR and the U.S. had nuclear and atomic weapons at the time of…

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