The United States And Foreign Policy Essay examples

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Historically, the United States has had an erratic view towards handling foreign policy. From its conception, it leaned isolationist for the century and a half leading up to the First World War while the interwar period saw an increased role across the globe. After World War II, America was left to assume the role as the global hegemonic power. Unique circumstances, such as the destruction of most developed economies allowed the United States to exploit and create a world order with several differences from that of its predecessor, Great Britain. This new world order allowed the U.S. to use two schools of thought for their foreign policy, Wilsonianism and Jeffersonianism, as it saw fit.
In the years that followed World War II, the United States original desire to create global institutions lessened the burden that Washington had to bear shifted significantly. It evolved into the United States leading in most global affairs, creating a new form of liberal world order in which a leading state creates international rules and institutions with the purpose of providing public services while adhering to said rules and institutions. G. John Ikenberry referred to it as a liberal-constitutional order. While similarities exist between this order and the other three that he refers to, there are stark contrasts that make the American order unique.
The first of the three orders is based on the balance of power where equipoise states share a similar degree of economic and military…

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