Essay on The United States And America

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The United States has been expanding its land westward and acquiring territory since it was first discovered. Manifest Destiny was the United States’s belief that settlers were to expand the land from coast to coast. The achievement of this Manifest Destiny brought with it not only territorial investments, but also conflicts over the expansion of slavery, especially between the north and the south. During the Westward Expansion period, slavery was becoming more necessary in order for the country to prosper, especially in the south. An issue between Manifest Destiny and slavery was the war in Texas between the Americans and Mexicans. Texas wanted to become its own country, and eventually won in 1845, which allowed the United States to annex Texas. This, along with the problem that the United States and Mexico disagreed with their boarder, caused major problems with Mexico and started the Mexican- American war. America wanted to expand their land and, at the time, Texas belonged to Mexico. Mexico had laws that banned slavery, which was a problem for Texans because, since Texas was in the south, they were more accustomed to slavery. The United States saw this as an advantage for themselves because, since the Texans were unhappy that they couldn’t own slaves, the United States could allow them to, expanding on land and having an equal distribution of slave states and free states. The U.S. won the Mexican- American War and annexed a huge amount of land from Mexico. This made…

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