The United Nations ( Un ) Essay

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Since its foundation in 1945, the United Nations (UN) has served as the centre of international diplomacy in the hope of ensuring world peace, protecting human rights, and providing humanitarian aid. Australia, being a key ally during World War II, was among the establishing nations and has played an active role in promoting UN interests. While the goals of the UN are noble from a moral perspective, the existence of a global authority has significant implications on national sovereignty, the right of the state to rule autonomously and independently. The conventions signed within the UN General Assembly (UNGA) have no legal standing in a nation’s law unless ratified into legislation regardless of any binding agreements. Despite this, coordinated pressure can be discerned should a country attempt to maintain their lawmaking sovereignty when evading becoming a party to a treaty, the UN Security Council (UNSC) in particular displays a tendency towards encouraging sanctions on the basis on maintaining ‘international peace and security’. In addition, as the UN has attempted to set a global standard of human rights, conflicts arise through the generally western leaning principles which are not necessarily applicable to other cultural groups. Regardless of these factors however, the UN Charter ensures the purpose and limitations of the UN are clearly defined, guaranteeing that the UN lacks statehood and focuses on stimulating social and economic development. In addition to this, the…

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