The Unconscious Mind : Joseph Campbell Essay

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Have you ever done something bizarre, and wondered what your motives were? Has there ever been a time where you’ve done something but your reasons were much deeper than you could understand? This is the result of your unconscious hard at work. The unconscious mind holds the secrets that create our outer personality and drive our actions, the secrets that we cannot harness voluntarily. Psychologist Joseph Campbell describes how the unconscious mind plays a huge role in mythology and culture, two very relatable aspects of life. Though, in order to fully understand a concept or idea without limitations and without bias, we must consider more than one opinion. Studying the theories concerning the unconscious mind not only of Joseph Campbell, but also of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, more knowledge about the unconscious mind, and therefore more knowledge about themselves. Joseph Campbell, an esteemed psychologist, emphasized the importance of dreams, declaring how they are representations of our innermost desires and memories that have been bottled-up inside of us, of which we cannot harness any other way. Dreams, according to Campbell, are the “private myths,” where your psyche talks to you about situations occurring right now ("Myths-Dreams-Symbols - Myths and Dreams"). He introduced the Hero’s Journey, also known as the monomyth structure ("Campbell 's 'Hero 's Journey ' Monomyth"). Made up of three overarching elements, most adventure stories in literature follow the…

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