The Ukrainian 's Ukrainian Language Essay examples

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In the Ukrainian case the Ukrainian language seems to be the most obvious identity marker, used by the government to create a stronger national identity in the country by introducing specific linguistic policies . Why is that?
 National Identity in Ukraine
First of all, it is essential to state the significance of the national identity issue in the context of the current conflict in eastern Ukraine, escalated, besides other reasons, because of the crisis within the country. After the period of the rule and pressure of Russia over the country and its influence that to a certain extent imposed Russification because of the soviet policies, Ukraine naturally wants to have its own way and to stop being perceived as “a younger brother” of Russia. In other words, However, according to multiple articles, a clear obstacle is that the number of supporters of the independence and the estrangement from Russia is similar to the number of the opponents, since the ethnic and cultural diversity in Ukraine prevents the country from being solid enough to progress and develop . The diverse regions see the future of the country evolving in different directions, for people who live along the opposite national borders tend to incline politically and culturally towards their closer neighbours. It has reflected every presidential elections campaigns with competing candidates: a pro-European and a pro-Russian ones, each of whom gains much more support from the West and the East of the country…

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