The Ugly Truth Of Televised Women 's Sports Essay

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The Ugly Truth of Televised Women’s Sports For years, sports have been considered as men only activities and were not considered to be suitable for women. This idea became popular at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when men did intense jobs in the factory, and women were expected to stay in the house and focus on household chores. During this time, sports started being associated with masculinity. Addition to this assumption, women have been treated unequally and discriminated against sport involvement. This practice marginalizes women’s sports and created an illusion that very little women play sports. Therefore, sport and broadcast channels should increase their coverage about women’s sports and improve the quality of their coverage.
From the end of the twentieth century up to now, women’s participation in sports skyrocketed to forty one percent; while the coverage of female sports decreased dramatically (Messner 4). This reflects a bias toward men and underrepresents women in sport. This is outrageous. Women have always been underrepresented in history. They were denied the right to vote, restrained from receiving education, and often perceived to be in distressed. The lack of women’s sports coverage is another aspect of our society where men are more valued. This bias is rooted to the fabric of our society. Imagine living in a society, where everyone is treated unequally, people obviously have to stand up and demand equity. The portrayal of women in sports…

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