The Tyger, If And Ozymandias Poem Interpretation

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All poems have distinct elements to express, and detail an author’s feelings onto a page. Whether the form be open or close, a reader will have the ability to comprehend the meaning and resonance behind the poem. The Tyger, If, and, Ozymandias are poems with deep meaning, written in closed form to establish ________.
Written by William Blake, The Tyger, can be found in the collection titled “Songs of Experience”, which was published in 1794. The poem was written by the author in a closed form. “The Tyger” has six stanzas, and in each stanza are lines of four, or quatrains. It frequently follows a trochaic style throughout the poem. In this poem the speaker examines the Tiger and how brilliantly it was made, the poem has a sense of divine creation,
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He is a major romantic poet known by many for his wonderful works. The poem is written as a sonnet, which is a fourteen line poem. Shelley uses the iambic pentameter as his style of exhibiting the poem. The iambic pentameters form, is what we most known as used in Shakespearean style sonnets. The title of the poem alone gives us an idea of who the piece is written about. As we actually look at the poem we then go more insight of the location, the setting, and who the narrator essentially speaks of. The poem begins “I met a traveller from an antique land, Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone”. At first we are unaware of the exact place on account of the vagueness, but as the poem continues we are able to pinpoint the place he speaks of is inherently in Egypt. The tone of this poem is written in one of irony, or more so coincidence. It also has a feeling that comes with a hint of mockery. It characterizes this Ozymandias as a harsh man, yes, he fed his people but with much arrogance, and self-____. Putting himself on such a “pedestal”. But after his death he becomes nothing. “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair” This quote alone proves the mockery, on how a man so great, and we are supposed be so amazed with his works. But when the person looks around, finds absolutely nothing. It helps us, the …show more content…
He was a prominent African-American writer in the Harlem Renaissance. Mostly known for his works which detailed the struggle, the triumphs, and pains of many African-Americans. “Mother to Son” is a poem of a mother giving her son advice on adhering to the struggles of life. She wants him to preserve, stay determined, and avoid taking shortcuts. The mother tells her son of the difficulties she had to face so that he may overcome his own troubles as well. Unlike the two former poems this poem is written in open form. It has the vernacular that was spoken by many in those days, as well as being in a free verse format. The aforementioned gives the impression of not having to follow the same rules as the closed form. Tones that the poem convey is a mother giving her son guidance, as well as giving him a sense of direction. We can say the feeling is one of adversity, and hardship. In the opening of the poem the mother expresses to her son about her life, she declares “ Life for me aint been

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