The Two Concepts Of Miracle In The Qur An

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Miracle in the Qur 'an can be defined as a supernatural intervention in the life of human beings.
(Miracle is an act or event that does not follow the laws of nature and is believed to be caused by Allah)
There are two concepts of miracle in Islam
1) Mujiza : the miracle occurred by the Prophets (Alaihimussalam)
2) Karamat: the miracle occurred by the Sufis (Awliya - any pious people other than Prophets).
Sufis, famously known as Awliya ALLAH or Muslim Saints, they are the people who are very religious, pious and have exceptional degree of holiness. They are also called as friends of ALLAH.
Allah subhanaWaTa’ala mentioned the Status of Aulia in Qur’an:
الا ان اولیاء اللہ لا خوف علیہم ولاہم یحزنون۔الذین امنوا وکانوا یتقون
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Syeduna Junaid Al Baghdadi said: If the miracle is to fly in air then the bee would also be the Wali of Allah. But the Karamat is to follow the Shariah Teachings.)
It is the belief of every religious and pious Sufi that the biggest miracle is to believe in Islam. To follow the right path of islam in accordance with the teachings of Islam and what Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam) has taught us from Qura’an and Sunnah and what is right and what is wrong according to Shari
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His Karamat has mentioned in Quran that once in the court of Prophet Suleman alaihi salam Jin and other creations were present in to them Asif bin Barkhia was also present. Syeduna Suleman Alaihis Salam said that who will bring to me the "takht" of Queen Bilquis. The Jin stood up and said I can bring that before tomorrow he said I want more prior. Another Jin stood up and said I can bring that before this meeting got end. He said I need more prior. Then Asif Bin Barkhia stood up and said I can bring that takht before your eyes blinked.
Interpreters said that the weight of that Takht was 80 kg and its width was 80metre long and it was locked by 80 lockers. But this is the miracle of Asif Bin Barkhia that he brought that takht before the eye-blinking of Suleman Alaihis Salam
Miracles of AwliyaAllah (The ummah of Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi wasallam)
There have been many religious and pious persons in the history of Islam who are famous for their religious teachings and their miracles.
Following are the names of some Awliya ALLAH
1) Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (rehmatullah)
2) Hazrat Khuaja Nizam uddin

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