The Truths Of Literature, Light Of Aristotle, Sydney And Neo Classical Age

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Truths of Literature in Light of Aristotle, Sydney and Neo-Classical Age
‘Why Sir, it is much easier to say what it is not. We all know what light is but it is not easy to tell what it is’ Samuel Johnson (1709-1784 )
In the study of literature, the questions which seem most straight forward are often the most complex ones to answer. Such as what are the truths of literature and what is their relationship? In particularly, how literature deals with truth? If literature is capable of telling the truth, how does it achieve to perform so? Is the truth reflected in the literature or are the two completely different things? Therefore the goal of this paper is not to define literature or truth but to talk about their relationship in light of Aristotle, Sydney and Neo-Classical Age. In this paper there are three main dots that will help to enlighten the main argument on truths of literature. Firstly,I’m going to discuss how literature is truer than history according to Aristotle secondly, moral truth vs. universal truth according to Sidney and finally, the age of reason the neo-classical age.
To begin with, we must know that the value of literature is its truth which is universal.First of all we have to know what is poetry? Poetry is a form of literary art in which language is used for aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to its apparent meaning Poetry may be written…

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