The Truth Behind Vietnamese Wedding Essay

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The Truth behind Vietnamese Wedding Within the four mythical creatures in the Chinese beliefs, the Dragon and the Phoenix are the two most powerful and auspicious. Chinese people group these two creatures together as the symbol of good fortunes and the ultimate virtue in treating others (“The dragon”). This belief spread throughout East Asia and have made it a part of the culture. It is very common to see these two mythical creatures at the wedding ceremony and reception, because they represent the groom and the bride respectively. The purpose of using the dragon and the phoenix as the symbolism is to make the couple look like a perfect match, and also to give them and their family prosperity. Even though, this concept had made its way into many countries, but they only had a slight impact on the cultures and the beliefs. Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and etc. all have different customs and rituals in different ceremonies such as wedding, funeral, baby shower, graduation etc. On the surface of marriage and wedding, people would usually think of togetherness, love, family, but they never question about the reason behind that marriage. Take Vietnam for instance, it might share common cultures with other neighboring countries, but the way their people think are different yet predictable. Wedding usually meant to bring two persons together, but according to the old traditional Vietnamese beliefs, wedding is also meant for honorable reputation, glorious fortunes, and…

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