Essay on The True Value Of An Education

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David Foster Wallace postulates that the true value of an education lies in that education teaches an individual to think. He states that an education gives one the ability to consciously decide how they will perceive the world around them. Hendrix’s motto reflects similar values, and reads, “Unto the whole person.” In choosing this phrase as a reflection of the institution, Hendrix makes a commitment to cultivating graduates that are more than intelligent. In doing so, the institution recognizes that understanding perspectives is an integral part of life and actively aims to develop this ability in its students. The liberal arts cover a wide array of topics that vary from the abstract to the concrete and that require mature thought and reason based discussion. Many of the classes on campus and extra-curricular activities that can be found at Hendrix emphasize the importance of understanding alternate points of view. Unlike other institutions of higher learning, liberal arts colleges expect their students to embrace diversity and to explore areas they have little experience in. To do this is not something that every individual is readily comfortable with. Oftentimes in the search for understanding, questions are posed that make students uncomfortable. These questions are an integral part of the liberal arts experience. It is the prerogative of their institution that these situations take place, as they foster a greater sense of awareness in the student. In…

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