The True Meaning Of Beauty Essay

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Throughout time, the true meaning of beauty has been viewed from many different perspectives, but no era has given witness to evolving beauty like the 1970’s and it’s new found love for life, music, and political protests.
In order to move on to the next generation first, we had to go through a series of ignorance. We had groups such as the infamous KKK who did not like to cooperate and tried everything in their power to scare the Blacks out of their area. They would go as far as burning their homes down and beating them in order to prove a point. Blacks (and any other color other than white) were viewed as appalling; a disgrace towards mankind. Law enforcement was corrupt and there were a series of police brutality issues as well as injustice to all who were colored. Later in the decade, a law was reinforced named the Jim Crow Law. This law began in 1876 and took its effect in 1965. It encouraged segregation of the races in many places such as schools, public bathrooms, movie theatres, libraries, hospitals…etc. The South unfortunately, passed these laws to stop Black individuals from reaching any possible potential ("Remembering Jim Crow : Presented by American RadioWorks." Remembering Jim Crow : Presented by American RadioWorks. N.p., n.d. 12 Dec. 2014.) There were attempts to minimize these laws, but it wasn’t until October 1960 more earnest efforts begun -finally culminating in the “Civil Rights…

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