The True Horror Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein Essay

1835 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
The true horror in the world isn’t from monsters, but the society that people have created. In Mary Shelley’s 1831 novel, Frankenstein, there is a scientist who brings a Creature to life. Even though this scientist created this monster, he brings him to life and sees the horror in his creation. He leaves the Creature to fend for himself which causes revenge and hatred. The Creature goes on to kill Victor 's family and drive him crazy. Even though the Creature kills Victor’s family the real monster in the story is humanity. If they had a different reaction to the Creature nothing bad would have happened. The function of the Creature is a way for Mary Shelley to deliver her social comment; that society is the cause of downfall. Even though the Creature is perceived as the monster he was not always. Shelley is saying that it was society who changed him. When the Creature was first brought to life he didn’t know anything at all because “[he] was a poor, helpless,miserable wretch;[he] knew and could distinguish nothing”(71). The author is commenting that people just pick up all of the ideas around them, including .Some of his first thoughts “ [were] [perceiving] the words [other people] spoke sometimes produced pleasure or pain, smile or sadness” (78). When people are born, they are perfect and get ruined along the way. At this point in the novel A social comment is being made about the function of the Creature is to show what humans are like at the beginning of life and what…

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