The Trouble With Disney 's Teeny, Tiny Princesses Essay

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The Problem With Disney
Disney films have had a significant impact in most of our lives. Whether it was “Pinnochio” or “Cinderella”, many of these Disney classics were shown to us during our childhood years. At such a young age, the majority of kids who watch these films will remember specific images that catch their attention; these images will be ingrained into their minds and help impact the way the kids view the world. For instance, while I was in elementary school, I would never lie because I thought that if I did, my nose would grow just like how Pinocchio 's nose did when he lied. Something as small as an animation movie can play an immense role in shaping one’s outlook. In Philip Cohen’s article “The Trouble With Disney’s Teeny, Tiny Princesses”, he focuses on Disney’s depiction of men and women. He examines the differences in size and the magnification of the size between the genders and the effects it has on the younger generation of kids. Through the clear use of purpose, organization, and logic, Cohen clearly states his position that Disney should stop creating movies with misrepresentation between men and women.
Philip Cohen’s main objective in writing his article was to inform the general audience about Disney’s exaggeration between the bodies of men and women and to influence our culture’s view on gender roles. Cohen disperses various evidence throughout the article about how Disney misinterprets the size of women and men. He infers that because of Disney’s…

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