The Trials Of Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Salem Witch Trials
What is the cause of and the effects behind their actions during the Salem Witch Trials?
The infamous “Salem Witch Trials” occurred during the turn of 17th century in Salem, Massachusetts in which many of the citizens were “17th Century Colonial American Puritans who were devoted to God and community” (King, Mixon 680). In this current state, the remaining citizens, non- Puritans were the ones condemned as a witch due to their rebellious attitude towards this Puritan movement. These witches were place in a trial in which lead to 19 deaths during this time period. Many scholars today are still in disbelief regarding the events that has occurred during the “Salem Witch Trials”, and as a result produced the following arguments regarding the causation of the event. The main arguments involved the religious factors that played during this time period, political factors in a sense of a lack of leadership, and socio-economic factors which can be explained through the status of the community during the time period.

Argument 1: Religious Factors have played a predominant role in influencing the actions that took place during the “Salem Witch Trials” and the events that occurred lead to specific events that are known as the ‘effects’ of the “Salem Witch Trials”
“Samuel Parris, sought to solve his difficulties in dealing with the various factions of Salem Village by using witchcraft hysteria to increase the demand for ministerial services” (King and Mixon)…

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