The Trial Incident By Jean Louise Finch Essay

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It had been several years since the trial incident. Jean louise finch or also known as scout is now 16 years of age. Her brother jem is 19 and is getting ready to go to law school but still living at home. Ever since the tom robinson case jem has had a fascination and has set his heart on becoming a lawyer just like his dad Atticus Finch. Jems goal is to help others in the same situation as tom robinson was in. The people of Maycomb alabama may have forgotten the case but not jem. He was ready to honor Tom Robinson 's name and help others. But now maycomb is at peace again unless you 're talking to scout. “Everyone 's always trying to get me to change who I am, let me tell you, i 've changed enough thank you very much.” but i will never ever change my name it is who I am, and if you don 't like it well that sounds like a personal problem you need to address. According to the people of maycomb scout should have grown up along time ago and nobody thinks she has. Scout believes that in herself she has grown up and matured a little bit more. She knows the proper way to sit and walk and knows how to respect others when she is being talked to. She could now even tolerate at least one hour of her aunts very boring book club about cooking. Scout says “ i can cook one good meal. Now you better like this here stew or else She said these words directly to her brother jem. “ Aw come on scout i don 't want to eat leftovers again jem complained”. You weren 't complain yesterday at dinner…

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