The Transmission Problems Of Ford Cars Essay

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Executive Summary For many years, Ford as recalled several of its cars due to transmission components that are due for upgrades or repairs. These problems affect drive-ability and caused a variety of transmission symptoms. My project will assess issues involved in the Transmission problems of Ford cars. From an economic perspective, the company aims at improving its capability to adapt and effectively address the diverse challenges at each phase of production, meet the needs of its customers and the prospects of its stakeholders. The project will also compare it with other car manufacturing company. My project will focus on the company aim at improving the environment through the use of an efficient manufacturing strategy, reducing the greenhouse emissions of its automobiles, designing automobiles that can last longer and use recycled materials during manufacturing. For a company and its product to be successful and remain that strong, it should be able to foresee the future in terms of their business. It’s even more important for an established business like Ford as they already have various strong competitors present in the market. If they fail to predict the future trend, they will have to trail behind in the race.

Introduction Ford Motor Company is an American automaker based in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, the company was founded by Henry Ford, on June 16, 1903. Ford Motor Company…

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