Essay on The Transition Of Adult Roles

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“The life pursuits and subjective judgments of many contemporary young people indicate that the transition to adult roles has become so delayed and prolonged that it has spawned a new transitional period extending from the late teens to the mid‐ to late‐twenties.”(Berk) This is known as emerging adulthood. According to our book most parents of college students would say they do not believe their children are considered to be adults yet. I would have to agree with them for the most part because college and this age group is a time where people are finding out who they are and what they want to be and, in my opinion, not completely matured yet. Compared to the text, the students I interviewed were pretty similar to what the text said about college students and adulthood. The book mentioned, from other research “Only after reaching their late twenties and early thirties did most feel that they were truly adult—findings evident in a wide range of industrialized nations.”(Berk) A difference I noticed from what the book said about emerging adulthood was “most emerging adults say that constructing a worldview, or a set of beliefs and values to live by, is essential for attaining adult status—even more important than finishing their education and settling into a career and marriage.”(Berk) None of the students I interviewed said this for a reason why they didn 't think they have fully become an adult yet. The book also talked about people having ambiguous answers this would…

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