The Transition From The Education Essay

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At the beginning of the year, the transition from the education given to me at high school, into Hampshire was a very confusing process. Despite the fact that Hampshire was located in the same country as my high school, the change of culture and lifestyle was unnerving. I could not imagine being an international student and having even fewer aspects of life being familiar. I thought that I had a sufficient enough level of knowledge about Hampshire to ground me, but many features of Hampshire education were learning experiences. In terms of academic interests, in high school, I knew that I was very intimidated by math and science. My parents had wanted me to participate in the STEM fields and I had taken part in my high school’s robotics team, but they were subjects that I was not very passionate about. My honors classes were mostly in the subjects of English and History classes, but I still was not sure what I was interested in throughout my freshman and sophomore years of high school. However, I took a drawing class in the second semester of my sophomore year in high school, and my teacher entered one of the pieces into a competition that I received an honorable mention for. Drawing was a hobby that I was occasionally complimented for, but I had not intensely pursued visual arts until I started taking more studio arts classes and programs during my junior and senior years of high school. As a result, I assumed that my concentration at Hampshire would somehow involve visual…

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