The Transatlantic Trade Of Africa Essays

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In the early 1500’s , the transatlantic trades took place, bringing captives from Africa to America across the Atlantic. One of the largest, most cruel migrations in history. The migration took many captives into coastal areas to meet European traders.
Originally, Portuguese was one of the main merchants of the transatlantic trade, but imitating them were the Europeans. The European people created sugar and coffee plantations and they needed slave labor for economic profits. African merchants then became involved in the trade and they were the suppliers of trade. The African merchants demanded specific types of goods in exchange for slaves. The African merchants were the controllers of the trade, they were able to select whom to sell ;however European merchants preferred hard working men. The Northern parts of Africa preferred women because they wanted them to perform sexual services.
The Middle Passage was the main source of the transatlantic trade . Additionally, the middle passage was a stage of the trade in which thousands of captives were transported to the New World. The horrific voyage took as long as one to three months , it was filthy and crowded and deadly. The conditions were awful the captives ate twice a day and received a pint of water. They were shackled and
confined in vessels. Many traders wanted healthy captives, but the voyage had many conditions that created unhealthy prisoners. The diseases were beyond the mental stress and harsh treatment, for example…

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