Essay on The Transatlantic Slave Trade And African Societies

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The social, economic and political implications of the Transatlantic Slave Trade would substantially influence the West African societies. The Transatlantic Slave Trade had many effects, both positive and negative, on Western African societies. Most of them, however, were, of course, negative, though it is debatable that the slave trade led to many positive aspects for West African societies. However, the majority of African societies were at a loss, because of the massive population decrease. In fact, millions of Africans were being transported out of Africa, which significantly affected the African societies and put them in a predicament. The movement of these Africans would greatly affect most of the states’ long-term conditions, whether it be in a negative or positive way. Thus, the overall population of Africans lost much more than they had gained. Furthermore, the social implications of the Transatlantic Slave Trade would extensively influence the West African societies. Constrained marches of the prisoners over long separations claimed a plethora of lives. An extensive number of the subjugated were bound to stay in Africa which uplifted the effect of the slave exchange on the mainland. It is assessed that the number of inhabitants in Africa stayed stagnant until the very end of the nineteenth century. In the starvations that took after military activities, the old and exceptionally youthful were frequently murdered or left to starve. Additionally, the Transatlantic…

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