The Trans Pacific Partnership Negotiation Essay

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On October 5, 2015, President Barack Obama gave a statement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Atlanta, GA. As many people know, the president has been trying to grow the economy and strengthen middle- class America. In his speech he stated, “Trade ministers from the 12 nations that make up the Trans-Pacific Partnership finished negotiations on an agreement that reflects America’s values and gives our workers a fair shot at the success they deserve.” (Obama, 2015) This agreement was put in place to help the middle class get ahead in life as well as help the American farmers, rancher and manufacturers. The TPP was designed to help the middle –class Americans but there are some issues with the TPP that Congress would like to address. An article states that “Congress would need to approve implementing legislation for U.S. commitments under the agreement to enter into force.” (Fergusson, I.F, Cooper,W.H., Jurenas,R., & Williams, B.R. , 2013) . Not everyone in the government agrees with the TPP. President Obama has encouraged everyone to read the TPP before creating an opinion if they agree with the partnership or not.

Features of TPP
There are five primary features to the TPP, comprehensive market access, which reduces tariff and non-tariff barriers across all trades in goods and services, regional approach to commitments, show that the TPP regulates the development of production and supply chains, addressing new trade challenges, states that all trade…

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