Essay on The Tragic Hero Of Julius Caesar

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The tragedy Julius Caesar is one of Shakespeare’s misnomer plays, since the plot of the play in not centered around the character Julius Caesar; in fact, Caesar no longer appears in the play at all after Act III, unless we include his spectral form that appears later. Instead the story focuses on Brutus, one of the conspirators of Caesar’s assassination. Thus, Brutus appears to be the best possible candidate for the tragic hero of Julius Caesar. However, the concept of tragedy can be vague and subjective to the individual. Some may find that that Brutus does not possess enough qualities to be defined as a tragic figure. So what qualities make a character tragic and how does one go about defining a tragic hero? Aristotle offers a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the elements that a tragedy consists of in The Poetics. Known earliest surviving document discussing dramatic theory, Aristotle presents ideas and arguments that are widely accepted by dramaturgs and are still useful in analyzing more contemporary dramatic works. As found in his Poetics, Aristotle 's explanations of tragedy and the tragic hero support an argument that Brutus in Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar qualifies as both heroic and tragic.
There are four primary components of a tragic character as defined Aristotle. First, a tragic character must be good. Aristotle claims that “The character will be good if the purpose is good.” a rule that is “relative to each class.” (Aristotle) A person’s status (sex,…

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