The Tragedy Of The Commons Essay examples

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Hardin’s work on the “Tragedy of the Commons” has developed the shared conception that both domestic and international environmental problems are collective action dilemmas (Hardin, 1968). One of the main issues is the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as it has a global impact, unlike some other forms of pollution. Pollutants carried by air and water do not account for national borders. Whether they are emitted in Asia, Africa, Europe or the Americas, they rapidly disperse evenly across the globe. This is the reason why efforts to address climate change need international collaboration and agreement. However, solutions to international environmental problems such as ozone depletion, global warming, and acid rain may be hindered by individual nations who are rationally pursuing their own “national interests”. A lot of countries as well as companies have been worried that the costs of tackling climate change (prevention, mitigation, adaptation etc) will be unaffordable and they would rather deal with the consequences to the environment. These countries often hope or rather assume that the consequences will not be as bad as scientists are predicting. This leads us to the dilemma between science and politics. On one hand, scientists collect data, use the scientific method and replicate their studies. Politicians on the other hand, are guided by factors including electoral considerations, pressure from interest groups and uncertainty. Where scientists are guided…

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