Essay The Tragedy Of Oedipus The King

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One mistake Oedipus and his birth family make during the tragedy Oedipus the King is trying to avoid fate. By trying to avoid what was foretold to him and his family, they tried to run away from the problem, which only Oedipus’s fate come true. Had they not listened, not believed in "fate", the question is whether he would have ever made any of that come true. Though the main question throughout the tale is; can we control our fate, or are we not in control of the outcomes in our life? In my experience, we control our own destiny, no dumb luck or chance. We all come across obstacles that test what we know along the way, but throughout our lives, our success ultimately centers on how we respond to them. Take Oedipus’s tragedy; I would argue that the prophecy was completed based on a lifetime of bad decisions and close-mindedness. A lot of success and accomplishments with driven people in many varied fields confess that fate seems to be against them through the beginning of their journey and profession. When someone is offered a new managerial position at a firm, it is for a reason. The majority of achievers live completely different lives prior to success, and those memories are what makes each person proud. That person has developed the skills of leadership by placing themselves in the situations to learn them. They chose a degree path in school created on occupation view, attended a reliable university, and chose the career by what they love to do while being logical…

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